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Dr. Mike & Kathy Hayes

Mike Hayes is an empowering speaker, a devoted pastor, and a genuinely inspiring individual. Mike Hayes was raised in Flagstaff, Arizona, where he accepted Christ and the call of ministry at an early age. As a young evangelist, he traveled across the United States and abroad, preaching with profound inspiration and wisdom for which he became widely recognized. In 1973, Mike married Kathy Parker, and after the birth of their first child, they moved to Dallas to plant Covenant Church in 1976. Starting with only a vision, Covenant has grown to over 14,000 members across 4 campuses in the North Texas area, with more than 8000 in weekend worship attendance. Covenant now stands as a beacon of vision for the Kingdom of God, encompassing multiple outlets of ministry, a richly intercultural congregation, and a proactive missions program that restores lives – in Dallas and all over the world. 

Mike Hayes is also the founder and President of Churches in Covenant International (CIC): a network of over 80 churches nationwide that link arms under his apostolic covering. Additionally, Mike has garnered a Doctorate of Divinity from Faith Christian University; he is highly regarded as a teacher and an author. Mike’s most notable book, "God’s Law of First Things", offers unparalleled insight into the blessing that accompanies the practice of giving God the first fruits of our increase. With over 400,000 copies sold, this book has been translated into the English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Turkish languages, and continues to transform minds and hearts. 

From his favorite hobby of fixing up old cars, to rebuilding churches, Mike Hayes has always carried a strong passion for restoration. In recent years, he has reached out to the Jewish people in a focused effort towards reconciliation between the Jewish and Christian communities. In March 2011, Mike was honored with the “Defender of Israel Award” on Tuesday Night Live – a Jewish television broadcast that spreads a message of hope to the Jewish people across the world. In his most recent project of redemption, Mike Hayes and Covenant Church have begun to rebuild a small church in Flagstaff, Arizona – the same church of Mike’s growing-up years. In this moving building project, Mike is following his vision to restore the spiritual landscape of that region. 

Mike and Kathy live in Dallas,Texas. They have two married children and have recently celebrated their sixth grandchild.


Pastor Amie Hayes Dockery

Amie Dockery is a wife, mom, speaker, author, pastor and breast cancer survivor. Currently the Senior Associate Pastor of Covenant Church, she oversees over 14,000 members, a staff and pastoral team of 135 and coordinates the ministry initiatives for 4 campuses.

Amie's strategic foresight, creative revelation and prophetic edge give her unique insight into the Word of God and how it shapes the modern Believer. Her ability to connect the heroes of our past to our current lives, while giving us a hope for the future, sets her apart as a speaker and writer. With wisdom beyond her years, Amie is not afraid to address the most relevant and challenging issues facing Christians today.

Although Amie is heard regularly at Covenant Church, by a diverse congregation, she has a strong passion for ministering specifically to women as well. She is the author of "On Daddy’s Shoulders", "Designing Your Dream Husband" and the When Women book and Bible Study trilogy, "When Women Worship", "When Women War" and "When Women Reign". 

With her unique ability to help people visualize her message, as well as her humorous true-to-life stories, Amie inspires people to move beyond their current situations to reach their full potential.

The oldest child and only daughter of pioneering visionaries, Pastors Mike & Kathy Hayes, Amie’s entire life has been invested in Christian Ministry. She was educated and also met her husband, Stacey, at Lee University in Cleveland, TN. Married now for over 16 years, Amie and Stacey have four children and live in the Dallas, TX area. www.amiedockery.org

Pastor Stephen Hayes

Stephen Hayes is a devoted pastor, an inspiring speaker, and a dynamic leader. He serves as a Senior Associate Pastor at Covenant Church. With over 14,000 members and more than 8000 in weekend worship attendance, Covenant is a standard-bearer for churches worldwide. Stephen communicates with leaders and facilitates powerful ministry across four Covenant Church campuses in the Dallas area. In addition to his face-to-face ministry, Stephen is also the pastor of Covenant’s online campus, a pioneering ministry outlet that streams Covenant Church services online every week, touching thousands of lives all over the world.

Stephen is an innovator, visionary, public speaker, and mentor to many young leaders. The youngest child and only son of Pastors Mike and Kathy Hayes, Stephen has grown into a strong ministry legacy that continues to follow God and lead His people. God’s indelible mark on Stephen’s life has manifested in an incredible testimony: as a young man, Stephen was badly injured in an automobile accident. He was given little chance to live and told that he would never walk or talk again. Since then, Stephen has run marathons and spoken for thousands worldwide - sharing his testimony of God’s healing power.

Stephen lives in the North Dallas area with his wife, Erika, and two children, Bella and Max.