10Tenants of Transition


10Tenants of Transition

10 Tenants

of Pastoral Transition

1. Recognize the inevitability of GENERATIONAL TRANSITION

2. PLAN AHEAD, 20-25 years ahead - Like retirement savings

3. Transition is like a relay race. There is a HANDOFF ZONE -You can be early or late

4. It is every generations responsibility to steward the ministry God has given for a season and then hand it off.

5. Selfishness and Insecurity cause us to cling.

6. Recognize that our assignment has a season with a set time

7. God will call and will prepare a natural or spiritual son to take your place. Maximize communication with them and pray for them.

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8. The Pastoral calling is an assignment with a beginning and an end. Clearly hear Gods calling for your next assignment and move forward. It will probably be your Apostolic Season!

9. Don’t allow financial unpreparedness to be the reason for delay.

10. When the transition is complete, know that honor and respect for finishing strong and passing it on must be enough.

We live for the “Well Done Faithful Servant”

My Next Assignment

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